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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 2015, 4 to 8 p.m.

On the Banks of the Hudson at Garrison's Landing RAIN or SHINE


A Celebration of Makers and Growers

The first of its kind, the Made-in-Philipstown Banquet will pay tribute to the can-do spirit and varied talents of the residents of Philipstown -- and it will boast the longest table in Hudson Valley history!  Stretching along the spectacular Hudson River shoreline on Garrison's Landing, the beautiful candlelit table will be 300 feet long and seat up to 400 guests! With this feast of shared riches--food grown locally, prepared with care and overflowing with all things handmade-- the  residents of Philipstown can take pride in being makers.




THANK YOU to all for making this a  true community endeavor!!

Banquet Team

Carinda Swann, Co-Chair

Stacey Farley, Co-Chair

Pam McCluskey, Communications Mgr.

Lisa Knaus, Plate Master

Jim Ely, Cuisine Mastermind



Boscobel House and Gardens

Cold Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

Cold Spring Farm Market

Cold Spring Lions Club

Constitution Marsh

Desmond Fish Library

Farm to School Program

Garrison's Landing Association

Garrison Station Plaza

Garrison Art Center


Hudson Highlands Land Trust

Hudson Valley Seed

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

Manitoga: Russel Wright Design Center

Philipstown Garden Glub Paper


Business Sponsors

Angelina's Restaurant & Pizzeria

Antipodean Books, Maps & Prints

Eleanor's Best 

Gallery 66 

Ivy League Plantscapes

Liz Bisbee Rauch

Regele Builders

Riverview Restaurant 

Peter Conway, Hudson Valley Pleasures

Peekskill Brewery

Whitecliff Vineyard


Artists and Makers

Stacey Farley, Clay to Table

Danielle Martinelli, artist

Jan Cucchiarella, artist

Peter Homestead, artist

Lisa Knaus Pottery

Tom Ptacek, Ptacek Home

Dean Anderson, Supersquare

Tracy Strong Fine Paper Goods

Carinda Swann, artist


Farmers and Growers

Davoren Farm

Garrison Four Corners Farm


Lanza Farms

Linda Lomonaco

Longhaul Farm

Chip Marks

Blue Sky Apiary

Vera's Marketplace


Philipstown Heroes    

Jim Ely, Riverview Restaurant
Davoren Farm
Stacey Farley, Clay to Table
Jeff Cunningham
Joe Regele

Marit and Lars Kulleseid

Cali and Roger Gorevic
Ptacek Home

Fresh Company
Longhaul Farm

Putnam County Tourism


Philipstown Movers & Shakers

Robin & Ralph Arditi

Chris Bockelmann & Floyd Norris

Christopher Jara & Donald Taffurelli

Anne & Fred Osborn

Zanne Stewart

Philipstown Makers

Liza Bailey & Michael Musgrave

Elizabeth & Irv Flinn

Teri Waivada

Kirby & Joanne Brown

Alison Cross

Sheila & Daniel Donnelly

Edward & Donna Doyle

Panni Gergley and Ed McGowan

Cali Gorevic

Kathy Hamel

Peter Homestead & Martha Shapiro

Laura Kaufman

Cathy & David Lilburne

Carolyn Llewellyn

MJ & Fred Martin

Danielle Martinelli & Radley Horton

Theresa Orlandi & Joseph Flanagan

Lithgow Osborn

Donna & Andrew Pidala

Melissa & Tom Ptacek

Stafford Family

Straus Family

Tracy Strong

Owen Sullivan

Philipstown Growers

Alison Anthoine

Neil Bloch

Bill Burback & Peter Hofmann

Peter Bynum

Kim Conner & Nick Groombridge

Valeria and Bruce Cortalano

Jan & Nick Cucchiarella

Randi and Howard Davis

Ilma Dietz

Rodney  Dow

Edith Ehrlich

Krystal & Darien Ford

Gale Epstein

Anne Impellizzeri

Irene &  Del Karlen

Stacy & Art Labriola

Annie Meyers

Melissa Meyers

Belle & Blake Newton

Margaret O'Sullivan

Dana Reymond

Sheila &  Ru Rauch

Karen Sayler

Rosemarie & Steve Sterling

Maryann & Rich Syrek



Philipstown Friends

Elizabeth Bradford

Michael Bernstein

Joe Chapman

Crane Family

Katie Demarco

Renee & Larry Edelman

Kathleen Foley & John  Hedlund

Aaron Freimark & Sandy McKelvey

Barbara Galazzo

Goldberg-van der Merwe Family

John Greener & Amy Spragge

Larry Lebow

Kate Lieberman

Linda Lomonaco & Monk Hansler

Jean & Claudio Marzollo

Courtney & Gerard McCarthy

Jennifer McCreery

McIlwaine Family

Matthew & Rachel Moody

Trisha Mulligan

Elizabeth Parks

Daniel &Hildreth Potts

Wendy & Alister Sanderson

Kathie Scanlon

Heidi Stephens

Jasmine Swann & John Wieker

Aleta Wolfe

Jennifer Young