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Specialists In the Design, Implementation and Coordination of Retirement Accumulation/Distribution, Estate and Portfolio Management Strategies Since 1988
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Putnam History Museum

Description of your mission/business The mission of the Putnam History Museum is to collect, preserve, interpret, and present the history of Putnam County, Philipstown, the West Point Foundry, and the Hudson Highlands. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11-5.E-mail mindy@putnamhistorymuseum.orgPhone Number (845) 265-4010










The Hudson Highlands Land Trust is a community-based, accredited land conservation organization devoted to protecting the natural resources, rural character and scenic beauty of the Hudson Highlands.


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Hudson Valley Seed educates children in academics and wellness through curriculum-integrated lessons in school gardens. Hudson Valley Seed works with over 1,500 children each week teaching science, math and more through garden lessons that tie into NY State's Common Core Curriculum. By uniting wellness education and academic learning, young people and their families are empowered to make healthy eating choices both in school and at home.


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Spreading health and happiness.


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We are a scrappy business that makes and sells artisanal handmade jams, jellies, preserves and marmalade in Philipstown, NY, which lies in the heart of the Hudson Valley.


We started this adventure to share the awesome and intense flavors that we grew up with. We take our taste sense memories and hone them to perfection before releasing them as our products. Bitter Orange Marmalade and Blueberry Jam explode in your mouth; heck, they all do!


We know that real food tastes better. We figure that you know that too. Our flavors are clear and crisp. You’ll use less of our product and taste more.

We make food we can serve our family. We generally source our ingredients locally, when we can. For citrus, we buy from warmer states. We know which farm, and sometimes the particular field or grove, that our ingredients come from. We even make some of our own pectin from pesticide free, Hudson Valley ingredients.


All of our products are naturally vegan and gluten free. We believe that everything that goes into our products, and into our bodies, must be true and real.


We do not like fake food, nor do we make fake food. We do not use additives nor fillers.

We buy our jars from an historic American manufacturer. They are all recyclable and reusable in your own canning projects. We use American manufactured lids, boxes and labels. We support our local economy, local communities, and family farms.


We stand over steaming pots of jam all the time. We don’t outsource. We don’t co-pack, which is a fancy word for the commercialization of jam, and food generally. We hand cut our marmalade. We hand stir our products. We produce everything in small batches to control quality. That’s simply how we roll.


We want to share the love we feel when we make good, real food. A little jam goes a long way, especially when it’s packed with goodness and flavor. It’s yummier that way. Everyone should feel this. People who try our products can tell the difference. You will too.


You can find our products in fine stores throughout New York, Western Connecticut, and Northern New Jersey. Ask for us!


Who is Eleanor?


We get this question quite a bit. There are a number of Eleanor’s in our family actually. Company co-founder Jennifer’s Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Aunt and Godmother all shared the name Eleanor – as now does Jennifer’s daughter. We are proud of our heritage, and the recipes handed down through our family. Many of our products are based on some of their best recipes. Thus, Eleanor’s Best.


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